Are Man Weave services performed in private?

Yes the whole process is done in a private space.

How long does it last?

They are meant to last 3-6 months with routine maintenance and care. Your Lifestyle and how you care for your unit has a lot to do with the longevity. Routine maintenance includes detaching your hair unit every 3-4 weeks, washing unit, and reapplying unit.

Yes units can be made with grey hairs blended into your natural hair colour, for a more realistic appearance.

Can units be made with percentages of grey hair?

How much does it cost?

Anywhere from $275 to $1500 depending on the service required.

Can I get the hair wet?

Daily activities can be performed including exercising, however we do recommend tying your hair down. The more water exposure the less secure the unit will become. This includes sweating.

Will my Man Weave fall off?

No, if you follow directions from our how-to courses and also maintenance and care page, your unit will always be secure.

Is there any surgical procedure associated with the Man Weave?

NO, there are no surgeries or damaging chemicals needed to apply the hair unit.

Can I use styling products?

Yes, water based products are recommended. Heavy duty products will shorten the life of your unit.

Will people notice I’m wearing a unit?

How are Units secured?

No, our human hair unit provides the most natural, undetectable finish. The key to this is keeping your line up neat and clean as well as how you care for your unit.

A hair adhesive and protectant is used to keep the unit in place.

Can I maintain the Man Weave myself?

Yes, Remember our goal is share as much knowledge with you that you feel comfortable with maintaining your unit yourself. We will have a maintenance page/course up soon, in case you forget anything post appointment don’t hesitate to send us a message.